Alibaba Cloud announces second large-scale price cut in a year · TechNode

Alibaba’s cloud computing unit cut prices of its core products by as much as 55% beginning Thursday, a move that the company hopes will help “spur artificial intelligence growth in China.” “As the biggest cloud service provider in China and APAC, we see tremendous growth prospect of China’s digital market,” said Liu Weiguang, president of public cloud business at Alibaba Cloud. Covering more than 100 public cloud services, the large-scale price slash comes nearly a year after the e-commerce giant’s cloud business announced price cuts from 15% to 50%, which soon kicked off a price war within the public cloud market. Discounts also apply to undelivered orders from existing customers, according to Liu, a different approach to the one the tech giant has taken in the past. [Alibaba Cloud, in Chinese]


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