How can each team qualify?

It’s crunch time at the Women’s World Cup with the final round of fixtures in the group stages set to decide who will advance to the knockouts.

It has been a tournament of shocks and surprises so far, with Nigeria stunning Australia and Colombia’s last-gasp win over Germany standing out as the biggest results of the World Cup.

There are set to be more twists and turns as the final matches of the group stages are played out – with the top two teams in each group advancing to the last-16.

With everything to play for across several groups, here’s what each team needs to reach the knockout stages, starting with Group B.

Group E standings

1. USA – 4 points (+3 goal difference)

2. Netherlands – 4 points (+1)

3. Portugal – 3 points (+1)

4. Vietnam (E) – 0 points (-5)

Results and fixtures

USA 3-0 Vietnam

Netherlands 1-0 Portugal

USA 1-1 Netherlands

Portugal 2-0 Vietnam

Vietnam vs Netherlands (8am BST)

Portugal vs USA (8am BST)

How does each team qualify?

United States

– The USA will qualify for the last-16 as long as they do not lose to Portugal. They will finish top of Group E if Netherlands draw or lose, or if they win by a greater margin than the Dutch.


– The Netherlands will qualify with a win or draw against Vietnam. The Netherlands could still qualify with a defeat, as long as they had a better goal difference than the USA.


– Portugal will reach the last-16 if they beat the USA but will be out if they lose. If Portugal draw, they would require the Netherlands to lose Vietnam by at least two goals.


– Cannot qualify for the knockout stages.

Group D standings

1. England – 6 points (+2 goal difference)

2. Denmark – 3 points (+0)

3. China – 3 points (+0)

4. Haiti – 0 points (-2)

Results and fixtures

England 1-0 Haiti

Denmark 1-0 China

England 1-0 Denmark

Haiti 0-1 China

England vs China (12pm BST)

Denmark vs Haiti (12pm BST)

How does each team qualify?


– Will qualify with a win or draw against China, which would also confirm top spot in Group D and a last-16 tie against Nigeria.

– England can still qualify with a defeat against China, but they require Denmark to lose or draw. If England lose and Denmark fail to win, the Lionesses will finish second if China overtake them on goal difference.

– If England lose and Denmark win, the Lionesses would need to finish with a better goal difference than one of China or Denmark. England therefore cannot lose by more than one goal.


– Denmark will go through if they win and China draw or lose.

– If Denmark and China finish with the same result, it will go down to goal difference and then goals scored in their final group match. They currently have identical goal records after losing a match 1-0 and winning a match 1-0. Denmark will also go through ahead of England if the Lionesses lose to China by more than one goal.


– China will go through if they win and Denmark draw or lose.

– If China match Denmark’s result of a win and a draw then it comes down to goal difference.


– Haiti must beat Denmark and hope China lose to England. It would then come down to goal difference, with three teams (Haiti, Denmark and China) all level on three points. Therefore, if Haiti win by more than one goal and China lose, they are guaranteed to go through.

Group A standings

1. Switzerland (Q) – 5 points (+2 goal difference)

2. Norway (Q) – 4 points (+5)

3. New Zealand (E) – 4 points (+0)

4. Philippines (E) – 3 points (-7)


New Zealand 1-0 Norway

Switzerland 2-0 Philippines

New Zealand 0-1 Philippines

Norway 0-0 Switzerland

Norway 6-0 Philippines

New Zealand 0-0 Switzerland

Group B standings

1. Australia (Q) – 6 points (+4 goal difference)

2. Nigeria (Q) – 5 points (+1)

3. Canada (E) – 4 points (-3)

4. Ireland (E) – 1 point (-2)


Australia 1-0 Ireland

Canada 0-0 Nigeria

Australia 2-3 Nigeria

Ireland 1-2 Canada

Australia 4-0 Canada

Nigeria 0-0 Ireland

Group C standings

1. Japan (Q) – 9 points (+11 goal difference)

2. Spain (Q) – 6 points (+4)

3. Zambia (E) – 3 points (-8)

4. Costa Rica – 0 points (-7)


Spain 3-0 Costa Rica

Zambia 0-5 Japan

Japan 2-0 Costa Rica

Spain 5-0 Zambia

Costa Rica 1-3 Zambia

Japan 4-0 Spain


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