Kuaishou publicly launches its own large language model that takes on GPT3.5 · TechNode

Kuaishou, the Beijing-based short video platform operator of the popular app, made its own self-developed large language model KwaiYii publicly last week, beta-testing a ChatGPT-like service for Android from Aug.18. The dialog service, equipped with 13 billion parameters based on KwaiYii, “approaches OpenAI’s GPT-3.5” in terms of sophistication of content creation, consulting, and problem-solving, according to KwaiYii’s GitHub page. Search is the main scenario handled by Kuaishou’s AI chatbot so far, observers say, leveraging original content on the platform to solve AI “hallucinations”, a term for inaccurate output stemming from insufficient data training. [KwaiYii in GitHub; Shanghai Securities Journal]


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