Steph tells campers to avoid this ‘weakest move’ in basketball

Steph tells campers to avoid this ‘weakest move’ in basketball originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area

It takes a certain type of defensive scheme to limit the talent of Warriors phenom Steph Curry, but no matter how hard Curry is defended, he always finds a way to make an impact.

A big part of that is how the Warriors’ offense is run — fast-paced, nonstop cutting and screening. Now as an established superstar and four-time NBA champion, Curry is spreading his knowledge to the next generation.

«I’m going to try to hammer the point home, but as you keep flipping positions, as you keep getting a feel, the last thing we can do out here — the last thing we can do — is try to get open and I don’t get it, begging, begging, begging, begging for the ball,» Curry explained at his Curry Camp. «I don’t care where you are on the court, that’s the last thing we can do.

«Every other decision is the right one. You got plenty to choose from. Every decision, screening away, front cut, back cut, space away from the ball. the last thing we can do is just do this. It’s the most — it’s the weakest move in basketball.»

Curry’s mentality accompanied by his physical skillset has allowed him to become one of the greatest basketball players of this generation.

When Curry entered the league in 2009, it didn’t take long for players and opposing teams to pick up on the kind of player he was. Fourteen years later, he’s still regarded as one of the toughest players to guard.

His style of play combined with his elite shooting changed how the game is played today.

And now, his young campers are getting the lesson up close and personal.

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