Xpeng reduces prices of G9 crossovers two days after launch · TechNode

Xpeng Motors on Sept. 23 reduced prices on most versions of its premium crossover the G9 by RMB 22,000 ($3,187) just two days after launch. The automaker said the discounts were “in response to high demand for optional specs,” notably the so-called “5D music cockpit” which features a sophisticated audio sound system, but customers had to pay an additional fee to include it in their vehicles. The Chinese electric vehicle maker also told customers that the latest version of its Advanced Driver Assistance System, called XNGP, will not be optional and will come as standard for two new versions of the G9, resulting in a separate price reduction of RMB 8,000. The company said it had made the changes in order to make purchases easier for customers and to meet their “high demand for [its] cutting-edge technologies.” [Xpeng release]


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