Zeekr unveils new pictures of its first supercar with carbon ceramic brakes · TechNode

On Thursday, Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer Zeekr unveiled glimpses of its first supercar through new images. This forthcoming model, projected to be priced from RMB 1 million ($140,000), is poised to rival long-established automakers like Ferrari and Tesla. According to Geely’s premium EV brand, the performance-focused Zeekr 001 FR boasts the essence of a supercar, utilizing carbon fiber materials to ensure maximal lightness in the car’s structure. Additionally, it will feature lightweight high-performance forged wheels, along with carbon-ceramic premium brake discs—a technology initially deployed in race cars to provide heightened stopping power, greater temperature resilience, and sustained exceptional performance even under rigorous use. Italian sportscar manufacturer Ferrari first introduced this technology with its million-dollar Enzo model in 2002 and subsequently integrated it as a standard feature across its entire lineup starting in 2008. Meanwhile, in late 2021, Tesla initiated the availability of a $20,000 optional track-ready package, encompassing components designed to equip Model S Plaid owners with extreme cornering force and enhanced stopping power during high-speed driving, as per information on its official website. [Zeekr announcement, in Chinese]


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